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Relief for Parents of College Bound Students.

Student Positioning for Admission & Maximum Financial Aid

We’re all students, always. At least, that’s my philosophy. In 2006, when I began investigating the dynamics of student positioning, I was a student. In 2008, when the recession hit, I was a student. And who wasn’t up late at night thinking about economics these last few years? Still today, I am a student.

When I got accepted to my number one school, I felt like a million bucks. Not just because I’d got in, but because my parents could afford it. My family’s finances wouldn’t be decimated by this investment in my future. When I began classes at a four-year university in a state adjacent to my home state, I paid IN-STATE TUITION. This can be your reality: The perfect school for you to succeed, at the price that’s right for your family.

Since embarking on my journey, I’ve traveled all over the world, published two books, and befriended countless students. The United States has endured a brutal recession, and it remains to be seen if we’ve emerged wiser. Bad credit practices were rampant in the home mortgage industry, so the American people paid the price.

Now, I see bad credit practices rampant in the education industry, I hope the people will react to this trend and speak out against it. Student debt is the next credit crisis. So you know why I’ve written this book. It isn’t comprehensive, because any text that claims to be isn’t being fair to the nuance of the subject. It’s meant to motivate you.

The next recession can be prevented by a financially-literate student body.  The college planning process takes work. I can’t do the work for you, but I can tell you how to get started. Sticking It to the College Man is a matter of finesse. Personally, I had this problem with indecision. I went to a very good public school in an affluent area and I had no idea what I wanted to study in college. I knew I wanted to go to a big school where I could develop my social network and have vast resources at my disposal. I wanted to watch talented sports teams with good friends and join lots of student organizations. This school sent acceptance letters on a rolling basis. So I found out I could enroll soon after applying. I also knew, at the time, I’d be taking advantage of a special inter-state program that allows students to attend out-of-state colleges in nearby states for in-state tuition. The difference made the idea financially possible. This program (the Academic Common Market), is one of many well-kept secrets in the college planning community. I invested countless hours immersed in research and paperwork, sample tests and essay drafts.

I traveled all over the United States to see campuses and speak with admissions officers. Then I went to college and helped my brothers and sisters navigate the financial aid landscape. I learned a lot about student positioning and college funding along the way and realized my knowledge could help a broader audience. So with inspiration from family, friends and clients of StickItToTheCollegeman, I wrote the Stick It to the College Man-ual, so that other students could achieve their post-secondary aspirations.

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